“I have known Maya for over 10 years and can attest that she is multi-talented and is great in all the work she does. I am especially impressed and grateful for her work using Cranio-Sacral Therapy.
Having been born with a weakness in my ligaments and having sustained over 100 serious and painful injuries to my body, I became very familiar with many healing modalities. I have met and worked with masters of different modalities worldwide who have exceeded their techniques and work on another plane.
Maya is by far the best at Cranio-Sacral Therapy and is evolved way past any body work techniques. Her diagnostic accuracy and ability to affect immediate healing and change is quite remarkable and special. Whether it is on the east coast, west coast or Europe, I have never missed an opportunity to receive a session from Maya.
Having worked in the healing professions myself for over 30 years, I truly am honored to know and to recommend Maya for her amazing work.”
William J. Kaplanidis, L.Ac., M.S., M.A. www.acudragon.us

“It is amazing how Maya just touches my head lightly and then the tension in my body starts to melt away. After a session I always feel very relaxed and in peace.”
Rosa C., Real-estate Broker

“Maya’s ‘healing powers’ took away all the pain in my shoulders: she has a very calming and relaxing personality.”
Jeff Meyers, Make-up Artist

“Craniosacral Therapy has helped me a lot with headaches and digestive problems. For that alone it was worth the series of sessions I’ve had. To my surprise the work with Maya has also helped me to understand my body more. I have learned to listen to my feelings and appreciate the connection between body and mind.
Diane G., Architect

“This brought back life into my life.”
Eric Poullin, Business Owner

“I am honored to call Maya a colleague and friend. Her skill and subtlety of perception as a craniosacral therapist are extraordinarily fine. I always feel an enormous benefit to my total well being after a session with Maya.”
Carol W., Acupuncturist

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