Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) can help with:

•Musculoskeletal issues, including chronic pain, TMJ, whiplash
•Stress Management
•Overwhelm, Overwork, and Overload
•Digestive Problems
•Residual Trauma (accidents / injuries, medical procedures, dental work, or birth)
•Pre and Post-Surgery
•Pregnancy and Postpartum
•Chronic illness
                                                  … and more

Cranio Sacral Therapy sessions offered in Santa Monica and the Los Angeles area. For information and to schedule an appointment click contact

The word biodynamic refers to a natural order and rhythm in the tissues of the body, comparable to the waves of the ocean….

The words cranio & sacral refer to the central nervous system which lay between the sacrum and the cranium bones, connected by the spinal cord.

“Let your nervous system breathe deeply.”